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Football fans care about their communities.

This map showcases the initiatives, campaigns and gestures made by fans to support their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The actions and activities highlighted in the below map are run by ultra groups, supporter organisations, and member-run/fan-owned football clubs.

Football Supporters Europe and SD Europe have teamed up to highlight the work being carried out by fans across the continent and further to aid and support their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many will have seen the countless stories of football fans devoting time to those who have been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and supporting hospital staff in their cities and towns.

To bring together these efforts, we have created a map detailing each initiative, country by country. The 'FANS vs COVID-19' map covers the activities of fans' groups and member-run football clubs and is organised into four general categories; fundraiser; support for vulnerable groups; support for health service; and banners.

Special thanks must go to KickIn! who were the inspiration after releasing their own 'Kick Out Corona' map. We would also like to thank Association Nationale des Supporters (ANS) for collating the French data.


The map is not intended to be static and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

We want to hear about what football fans from across Europe are doing.

Have we missed your group or club’s activities? Email or and let them know.

Join in.

Help spread the word.

Help spread the word about what football fans are doing.

FANS vs. COVID-19: in focus

Below, FSE and SD Europe will dive deeper into the initiatives, campaigns and gestures made by football fans through a series of interviews and "in focus" articles....

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Fans vs Covid-19 is a joint-initiative between Football Supporters Europe and SD Europe

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